Ljós - Paintings and Drawings

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson and Daisy Venice Millner will exhibit their works from Iceland at the Bermondsey Project from June 22-27. 







The Artists were both in residence in Iceland last year; Rhiannon in Hafnarfjörður, just outside Reykjavik, and Daisy in the small fishing village of Ólafsfjörður in North of Iceland: 

"Much of their time in Iceland was spent travelling and walking. The strangeness and vastness of the landscape struck them most; otherwordly forms, intense colour and light, lava formations and brightly coloured geothermal pools. Ljós, the title for the exhibition, is the Icelandic word for light. Though using different mediums, Rhiannon painting and Daisy drawing, these recent works show their specific experiences of Icelandic light. Whilst Rhiannon witnessed the extremes of winter, long hours of darkness and bursts of light, Daisy found herself in continuous daylight, with colours and shapes heightened to unnatural degrees."

Venue: Bermondsey Project, 46 Willow Walk, London SE1 5SF. Open daily 11am-6pm. Admission is free. 

For more information visit the Bermondsey Project.

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