Let Us Be True

A Programme of two one act plays directed by final year BA directing students:

“Ah ,love,let us be true

To one another! For theWorld, which seems

To lie before us like a land of dreams”


- The Yalta Game -

By Brian Friel, Directed by Jonathan Humphreys

Wry, lyrical and moving. Brian Friel’s adaptation of Lady and the Lapdog by Anton Chekhov is a play by a writer at the height of his power.


- Ode to the Sea -

Written & Directed by Jon Gunnar Thordarson

A tragic tale about lovers on an Icelandic island.

“That night the sea was still, the man on the moon was watching, the elves in the rocks were spying, but it didn’t matter.  We captured the wildness, the chaos, the landscape inside us, the valcanoes in our souls.  The moon shone our naked lines in the nature, we captured the earthquakes when we made love under the moon”.


Leikritid gersist i Flatey.  I The Cochrane Theatre i midri London hefur verid reist barujarnshus sem leikmynd, umhverfid er hafid, kriur, lundar og gargandi mavar. Leikararnir eru breskir Mark Holgate,  Laura O’Toole og Nick Mason. Tonlistin er spilud lifandi a svidinu og flutt af Margreti Sigurdardottir Sopran, Andrew Morgan a Cello og Maria Dalberg a fidlu, tonlistin er byggd a logum eftir Jon Leifs og einnig frumsamin.


June 22, 23 and 24 at 7:30pm

Tickets: £8 (£6 conc) - call 020 7269 1606

The Cochrane Theatre is situated in the heart of London just 10 minutes walk from Covent Garden

The Cochrane Theatre, Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AP


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