Leifs' Hekla performed at Prom 21: EVOLUTION! A Darwin inspired extravaganza for kids

Barney Harwood

CBBC presenters Barney Harwood and Gemma Hunt unleash a natural selection of creatures in this childfriendly Prom inspired by the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth.

Conductor Charles Hazlewood leads us from prehistoric Earth to outer space in John Williams's soundtracks to Jurassic Park and Star Wars – and we uncover the bird kingdom (with Delius's On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring) and insect life (in Arvo Pärt's If Bach Had Been a Beekeeper). Britten's 'Storm' interlude from his opera Peter Grimes represents the primal elements before the arrival of animals, while Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man anticipates the collective human spirit.

Plus, there's a new beginning, as DJ and drum-and-bass producer Goldie (runner-up of last year's BBC Two Maestro competition) reveals a specially written, Darwin-inspired work – his first ever for a classical orchestra: Sine Tempore - Without Time.

  • Improvised "Big Bang" - including audience participation (Charles Hazlewood to "rehearse" the audience at c10.50am)
  • Britten Storm - from 'Peter Grimes'
  • Leifs Hekla
  • John Williams Jurassic Park - main theme
  • James Brett Walking with Dinosaurs - main theme / Tyrannosaurus rex - In defence of young / Raptor hunt
  • interval
  • Goldie Sine tempore (BBC commission, world premiere)#
  • Arvo Pärt If Bach had been a beekeeper....
  • Delius On hearing the first cuckoo in spring
  • Koechlin The law of the jungle
  • Copland Fanfare for the Common Man
  • John Williams Star Wars - main theme
  • Barney Harwood presenter
  • Gemma Hunt presenter
  • with special guest Sir David Attenborough

  • BBC Concert Orchestra
    • London Philharmonic Choir
    • Charles Hazlewood conductor
    • Nicholas Collon off-stage conductor

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