Launch of Icelandic brand Daughter of Jón


Icelandic designer Hedi Jónsdóttir will launch her new brand “Daughter of Jón” in London on Thursday 23 May 2013. Hedi designs all types of bags with her favourite material being Icelandic fishleather. 

About Daughter of Jón: 

„I like reinventing classic shapes with unusual natural materials and strong colours.

I studied fashion design and tailoring but pretty soon discovered that I didn’t really enjoy tailoring because I didn’t like creating for the body and being constrained by its shape and size.

And that’s when I fell in love with handbags.

Designing handbags is like creating little sculptures. You can use all sorts of fabrics and leathers as well as stronger materials such as metals and use heavy tools like hammers. Also, you are not constrained by the body, anyone can wear any handbag, whaever shape or size they are. So handbags are universal object but at the same time they are also the most personal accessory you can have, your private den in the public space.

I like to recreate these tensions in my designs by matching contrasts and proportions. Raw textures and classic designs, elegant shapes and striting colours, unusual materials and natural proportions.

I grew up in Reykjavík and Vienna and then moved to Barcelona where I lived for a long time. I’ve mixed up bits from all these places in my designs: the raw elements of Iceland, the flair of Vienna, the playfulness and colour of Barcelona’s street life. And now London is bringing it all together.

But I discovered my love for fabrics thanks to my Icelandic aunties. They were amazing at handcraft but there was no emphasis on it, they didn't have creative jobs or anything, it was just natural.

One day at my auntie's place I discovered fish leather bags. They were made out of Wolffish, the leather Icelandic fishermen used to use to make shopes and bags in the past. Back then i was a very unusual item to have and fish leather was kind of a forgotten material. I was totally fascinated by the object. And I still am today”.

Hedi Jónsdóttir

Launch of Daughter of Jón
and jewellery design by HannahRings
Thursday 23 May from 18:00-21:30
51 Tudor Road
London E9 7SN
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