Kristjan Eyjolfsson debuts collection at Goldsmiths' Fair


Icelandic goldsmith Kristjan Eyjolfsson, who designed a Jubilee brooch for HM the Queen to mark her Diamond Jubilee this spring, is debuting his new collection "Víkingur" at the Goldsmith's Fair until Sunday 30 September.

The collection is inpired by the Icelandic Landvættir, the Viking compass, Thor’s Hammer and Runic Symbols. The Landvættir are the four characters featured on the Icelandic coat of arms, and represent the four protectors of Iceland. They include Dreki (a dragon), Gammur (an eagle or griffin), Griðungur (a bull), and Bergrisi (a giant). The names of these protectors are carved in Icelandic rune form on the Vikingur Protectors Ring. The intention is for these rings to replicate the way that these guardians offer protection.

The Vikingur Collection is offered in 100% Recycled Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum and ethically-sourced stones. 

Photo: James Harris

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