Icelandic salted cod promoted in Portugal

Our Deputy Head of Mission, Axel Nikulasson, recently visited Lisbon in Portugal with representatives of Promote Iceland in order to promote Icelandic salted cod in the region.













The team introduced Icelandic salted fish products to the Portuguese public, journalists and food bloggers, who all got a little taster. Pictured is Axel Nikulásson, Guðný Káradóttir and Björgvin Þór Björgvinsson, who met with a local fishmonger, who only sells Icelandic dried and salted fish, or "bacalhau".















Helena Dundas, the consul of Iceland in Lisbon, and Axel Nikulásson.















This little Icelandic house was placed close to Vasco de Gama, one of Lisbon's largest shopping centres, and was open to visitors, journalists and passersby. It has travelled from Iceland to Barcelona and Lisbon and its next stops is Bilbao and Italy!

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