Icelandic producer nominated for BAFTA

Icelandic producer Eva Sigurðardóttir has been nominated for the British Academy Film Awards 2013 for the short film Good Night, written and directed by Muriel d'Ansembourg. Tired of being two innocent 14-year-olds, Rachel and Chloe secretly head for a night out in London, dressed well beyond their years. They soon learn how much trouble they can get themselves into, when attempting to enter a world they do not understand. 

Click here to see the trailer for Good Night.


In the same category, the short film Tumult by Johnny Barrington starring three Icelandic actors, Ingvar E. Sigurðsson, Gísli Örn Garðarsson and Ívar Örn Sverrisson, also received a BAFTA nomination. After a battle which leaves their chief near death, a wounded tribe of Norse warriors come across unexpected visitors when treading on barren land.

Click here to see the trailer for Tumult.





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