Iceland Defrosted - a book launch at the Embassy

The Embassy hosted a launch for Ed Hancox's new book Iceland Defrosted last Thursday. The book tells the story of Hancox's experiences in Iceland as he strives to discover and understand the country and the people. 

From the launch party.

In his welcoming address, Axel Nikulásson, Deputy Head of Mission, praised Hancox for his astute and warm observations and said the book had proved educational for an Icelander who's been abroad for eight years. Ed Hancox proceeded to read an excerpt from Iceland Defrosted.














The author, Ed Hancox.

From the back cover: This is the story of one Englishman's obsession with a half-frozen, roughly duck-shaped island in the cold North Atlantic. 'Iceland, Defrosted' is less about wars over cod, flight-halting volcanoes and globe-shattering financiers, and more about relaxing in natural hot pots, sharing barbeques in howling winter storms and eating waffles and rhubarb jam while watching playful Arctic foxes. Oh, and desperately, desperately searching for the elusive Northern Lights (which might not exist anyway). Loosely based on a circuitous route around Iceland, it concentrates on places, people and experiences, soundtracked by the coolest Icelandic musicians, all wrapped up in the warmest lopapeysa and jump-started with the strongest coffee. It is a story that's almost a love letter, born from a constant yearning for this special place and fuelled by a growing understanding and a desire to uncover the real Iceland.















Icelandic singer ÍRiS serenades the audience.



Ed Hancox's website Iceland Defrosted.

ÍRiS on facebookVimeo and SoundCloud

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