Help spread a positive message about ICELAND Project by Heather Millard

About this project
We need to raise $10,000 for the completion of the feature-length documentary 'Future of Hope'.

'Future of Hope'
A feature-length documentary
Filmed on Full HD.

What the money is for:
$10,000 will enable us to...
1) hire the equipment and staff to complete the final edit of the film at a post-production house (online edit/color grade).
2) Release the film on time at the end of April 2010 - when everyone is expecting it.

Director, Henry Bateman and Producer, Heather Millard gave up their lives in England and moved to Iceland in June 2009 to embark on making a documentary about the positive and inspirational developments in sustainable businesses, lifestyle and ideas to come out of Iceland since the economy crash.

After living in a van for 8 weeks, Henry and Heather finally managed to strike a deal and move into a house in Reykjavik in order to survive the Icelandic Autumn and Winter nights - without freezing to death!

After traveling around Iceland 8 times in the van, we have seen some of the most incredible scenery and met some of the most inspiring people we have ever met in our lives - most of whom you will meet in the film.

Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams a reality.

The film is focusing on the positive and inspirational things to come out of Iceland since the economy crash and intends to improve the reputation and image of Iceland on a global scale and also give hope to many individuals throughout the world that are faced with an uncertain economic future.

Please check out and join our facebook group to stay in touch and hear about the premiere, screenings, broadcast and the DVD release...


‘Future of Hope’ explores inspirational characters growing organic food and promoting more self-sufficiency and less environmentally damaging imports of fresh produce, pioneers and world leaders in new renewable energy sources and and those looking to re-invent Iceland as a means to promote positive change and show the rest of the world what can be achieved from the embers of a huge economic crash. From the greatest disasters comes the most inspiring change.

We, the Producer and Director, are both from England but the rest of the crew; Co-Producer Herbert Sveinbjörnsson, Editor: Elisabet Ronaldsdottir, Sound Recordist/Designer: Gunnar Steinn Ulfarsson, Animator/Graphic Designer: Una Lorenzen, Assistant Producer: Svala Magnea Georgsdottir and several film school trainees are all Icelandic. The score will be composed by Biggi Hilmarsson of the bands Blindfold and Ampop (signed by Universal Music) and will feature various other Icelandic artists.

The film is primarily character driven following the organic farming movement in Iceland, Re-invention and Entrepreneurship and Renewable Energy. Featuring interviews with Former President and First Female President of the World, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, Gudjon Mar of the Ministry of Ideas, Andri Snaer Magnason (director and author of the film and book ‘Dreamland’), Minister of Education, Science and Culture and the Mayor of Reykjavik to name but a few.

We do not intend to dwell on ‘what went wrong’ but instead look at the positive people, companies and ideas that Iceland now has and has had for many years but until now has been relatively unrecognised.

From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.

A positive film that shows Iceland as a role model for the rest of the world.

8 months later with the support of so many wonderful people in Iceland and all around the world 'Future of Hope' now needs your help for the post-production stage...

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