Dreamland by Andri Snær published in the United Kingdom

An unconventional approach to such issues of development and the environment, Dreamland: A Self-Help Manual for a Frightened Nation, powerfully combines personal reflection and investigative exposé in a unique and fascinating look into the conflicted national psyche of contemporary Iceland.

Dreamland has been praised for its gripping style, originality and its wry, poetic prose but, despite the serious nature of the subject, the author never loses his sense of humour.

On October 2nd at 5pm the author is giving a lecture in the festival of ideas, in Bristol's Reynolds Theatre - G25
Wills Memorial Building
University of Bristol
Queens Road
Bristol BS8 1RJ


The book is published by Citizen Press and the renowned Icelandic musician Björk writes an introduction.

Further information: www.citizen-press.co.uk

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