'Intimate Experiences' Exhibition 12 May - 17 June 2006

Intimate Experiences

May 11th June 17th 2006

BISCHOFF/WEISS is pleased to present the opening of 'Intimate Experiences', an exhibition including new video and photographic works by Icelandic artist Hildur Margrétardóttir. Also coinciding with ‘Intimate Experiences’ is a group show curated by Charlotte Shinerock featuring the emerging artists Eloise Fornieles, Ed Fornieles and Kate Hawkins. Works in by these artists respond to different modes of human communication, exploring the instinctual and reactionary in contrast to social conforms and etiquette.

“Through recorded images and sounds, time has such been stilled and through replay, viewing and listening, we can come to understand the value of being amazed in the moment itself”

Closeness and tensions between family roles is addressed in the work of Hildur Margrétardóttir. Using Film and Photography Margrétardóttir locates her fascination in the ordinary. In the video piece 'Untitled, 2005' time passes at a pace whereby the gestures of intimacy become magnified and heightened. Using real time she captures the randomness of everyday interactions choosing her family as her subject matter. Positioned in the centre the husband is a shoulder for the daughter to lean on whilst he also holds his son in his arms. They remain in this confrontational silence throughout the film submitting to being the object of the mother’s gaze. In an attempt to capture simple human interactions Margrétardóttir enables us to perceive them with an attentive mind.

Opening Hours: Wed-Sat 11am-6pm

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