2010 F.A.D. Competition & Awards

Icelandic student receives special recognition in catwalk final

A student from Istituto Marangoni made her mark on the London Fashion Week catwalk this week when she received special recognition at the 2010 F.A.D. Competition, held at the prestigious Freemason’s Hall on Monday 22nd February.

Currently studying at Istituto Marangoni in London, Vera Thordardottir, 24, was chosen from over 100 entries to showcase her designs in the final, alongside thirteen other finalists from top UK fashion institutions such as Central Saint Martins and Nottingham Trent University.

She received a special mention from the jury, for her innovative use of textiles, incorporating silicone and Swarovski crystals with sculptural Tyvek. Her entry, inspired by growing up in her native Iceland, won her a placement with UK designer William Tempest.

"My family and I experienced the full impact of snow in the winter of 1995 when my grandparent’s home, the place where my mother and her 8 siblings grew up, was wiped out by an avalanche. Overnight all we had left were memories, and all of a sudden the pictures we had and random objects we dug up from the snow became invaluable to clinging to the memories of the lost home and recalling them later on." - Vera Thordardottir

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