The Great Nordic Feast: London's first celebration of Nordic cuisine

20 - 22 October 2017

The vivid and soothing flavours of Nordic cuisine will take over London's Southbank Centre as eight Nordic destinations come together to serve up signature surprises for all food lovers to enjoy,  introducing high profile chefs from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

The autumn feasts will be infused with Nordic flora, talks and music and cooked using traditional Nordic techniques, over an open fire inside Scandinavian-style tipi tents on Southbank Centre's Festival Terrace.

Take a seat at either a Nordic Artisan Breakfast in the mornings or a Nordic Feast for a fire-cooked lunch or dinner:

Nordic Artisan Breakfast:
Savour traditional Nordic artisan food with tasty spreads and different butters, bread, artisan cheese, jams, berry drinks, cured meats and sausages, scrambled eggs, hot and cold porridge made with healthy Nordic grains, plus coffee and tea.

It's all prepared using traditional Nordic cooking techniques and served as a smorgasbord.

Friday and Saturday's breakfasts will be lead by Lena Flaten (Sweden) and Richard Nystad (Norway)

On Friday, the guest breakfast chefs will be Niklas Ekstedt (Sweden) and baker Gústi (Iceland), with host chef Lisa Lemke.

On Saturday, the guest breakfast chefs will be Sébastien Boudet (Sweden/France) and chef Fia Gulliksson (Sweden), with host Lisa Lemke.

On Sunday, the guest breakfast chefs will be "The Boy who bakes" blogger Edd Kimber (Great British Bake-Off winner of 2010) and baker Sébastien Boudet, with host Lisa Lemke.

Nordic Feast:
Prepare yourself for a feast based on Nordic ingredients, which includes three savoury dishes, one dessert, salads and special breads made by one of the Nordic bakers.

Friday's Feast is hosted by Team Sweden, Faroe Islands and Iceland. Signature dishes from Titti Qvarnström (Sweden), Ylfa Helgadóttir (Iceland), Anna Rubeksen (Faroe Islands), Keri Moss (UK), Mariana Leivaditaki (UK & Greece) and Sam Clark (UK)

Saturday's fest is hosted by Team Denmark, Greenland and Norway. Signature dishes from Mette Helbæk (Denmark), Marie Hertz (Denmark), Kistannguaq Simonsen (Greenland), Heidi Bjerkan (Norway), Selin Kiazim (UK) and Jess Murphy (Ireland/New Zealand).

Sunday's Feast is hosted by Team Finland, Åland and additional guests. Signature dishes from Helena Puolokka (Finland/UK), Johanna Dahlgren (Åland) and Kim Woodward (UK).

There is also a full bar available.

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The Great Nordic Feast is held at Southbank Centre as part of Nordic Matters, a year-long festival of Nordic art and culture in 2017, featuring music and dance, theatre and visual arts, participation, talks and debates and gastronomy.

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