Nytt internationellt ledarutbildningsprogram inom fiskenäring

Reykjavik Univeristet har startat ett nytt internationellt ledarutbildningsprogram inom fiskenäring där programmen vänder sig till specialister och ledare inom fiskerisektorn.

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In collaboration with the Federation of Fisheries Iceland and Matís Ltd –Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D.

Combining expert instructors, hands-on visits, and best practice case studies, Reykjavik University's Iceland School of Fisheries covers the latest developments in management, operations and sustainability within the fishing industry.

- Deepen your understanding of fisheries and ocean science, and Iceland's unique and sustainable quota system for fisheries management.            

 -Foster an international network of expert contacts in fisheries and related industries.                                                                                                        

- Follow the latest developments in technology and innovation.                    

- See cutting-edge industry processes at work during visits to global fisheries leaders.                                                                                              

- Experience modern Iceland's stunning nature and world-class hospitality.

The Iceland School of Fisheries welcomes managers and executives from around the world who want to increase their expertise in fisheries, deepen their knowledge of a related topic and gain insight into how Iceland has become a world leader in sustainable fisheries. 


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