Closures in areas north Dyngjujökuls

News report from Promote Iceland:
Earlier today, police authorities in Iceland decided to close and evacuate an area North of Vatnajökull Glacier following the seismic activity in Bárðarbunga. 
This decision is made for safety reasons. Scientists from the Icelandic Met Office have measured growing seismic activity in the volcano Bárðarbunga in Vatnajökull since August 16. This activity is an indication of ongoing magma movement and possibly an impending volcanic eruption. However, experience shows that seismic activity can be ongoing for a long time without an eruption going off, and at this time, there are no changes in measurement to indicate an increased danger of an eruption compared to previous days. 
This is first and foremost a precautionary action. The closed area is in the interior highlands of Iceland. It is unpopulated and in difficult terrain. Evacuation of the area on short notice in case of an sudden eruption would be very difficult, and as a result, it would be impossible to ensure the safety of travellers in the area. 
In accordance with procedure, the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police has raised the Civil Protection level to Alert Phase. All roads leading into the area are now closed and the police authorities in Húsavík and Seyðisfjörður are evacuating the area North of Vatnajökull.
At present there is nothing to indicate possible disturbances to flight schedules as a result of this development, but as a precaution, the Bárðarbunga aviation colour code has been changed to orange, indicating that the “volcano is exhibiting heightened unrest with increased likelihood of eruption.“ No further action has been taken. 
The situation is being monitored closely and relevant authorities are on high alert. Any changes to the situation will be reported promptly. Daily updates will be posted on for those who want to follow the development. 


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