Visa couriers

Iceland accepts visa couriers that can hand in applications for visas on behalf of those traveling to Iceland under the following rules:

Those offering courier services (Russian travel agencies or special visa facilitation offices) have to be working with a formally accredited Icelandic travel agency (accredited through a formal process that involves the Icelandic Ministry Foreign Affairs Consular Section and Directorate of Immigration).

To establish a courier service the service provider must send the Icelandic Embassy in Moscow, consular section, a letter stating the name and passport details of their courier accompanied by a letter from the accredited agency stating that their exist a  business relationship between them.   After the courier service has been established the accredited agency has to notify the embassy if the business relationship is terminated and once a year before the 15th of January the accredited agency must send a letter to the Embassy listing all those partners that it will continue to work with.

The service provider needs to notify the Embassy if there are changes in personnel regarding couriers.

All applications handed in via courier should be accompanied by a power of attorney.

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