Promoting Icelandic food products in Moscow

The Embassy of Iceland in Moscow is working with Promote Iceland and Icelandic producers of meat, fish and water to promote their products in Russia.  The project is threefold, a show on Russian TV, reception for clients and a master class for top Russian chefs.

On November 3rd a TV program filmed in Iceland premiered on Russian TV.  The show features its famous Russian presenter tasting Icelandic food in pristine and beautiful Icelandic nature.  The program was produced with assistance and support from the Embassy and Iceland.

On November 5th the Embassy hosted Icelandic companies that are in Moscow to promote their products to media, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.  The reception was funded by the Icelandic producers and catered by Chef Þórólfur Sigurjónsson who presented Icelandic delicacies to the guests.

On November 6th chef Sigurjónsson conducted an Icelandic culinary master class for up to 60 chefs from Moscow’s top restaurants.  The master class gave the Russian chefs a glimpse into modern Icelandic / Arctic kitchen.

Russia has become Iceland’s second largest, by tonnage, market for meat outside of Iceland.   The aim of the promotion is to further increase sales in top end food products from Iceland.

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