Hvernig á að koma á fót fyrirtæki í Noregi - ókeypis námskeið

Ókeypis námskeið á vegum Oslo kommune, þar sem undirstöðu atriði í fyrirtækjarekstri í Noregi verða kennd og kynnt.

The Agency for Business Development Services (Næringsetaten) of the City of Oslo will arrange an introductory course held in English language on how to start a business in Norway.

The course which is aimed at foreigners considering to establish a company in Norway is free and is offered on the 30th of August, on the 4th of October and on the 22nd of November between 12pm-3pm, at Næringsetatens offices in Tollbugt. 27 (entrance from street Øvre Slottsgate).

The course provides an introduction to the most important aspects of setting up a business in Norway covering a wide range of subjects:

  • How to register a company in Norway?
  • Deciding on how to choose the right corporate form
  • Reporting and tax obligations
  • The most important TAX and VAT issues
  • How to manage your own business?
  • How to prepare a business plan? 
  • Smart things to know about Norwegian business culture before you start

There are only 50 seats available each of the three course days.  Registration is based on a first come-first served basis.Registration to the free introductory course can be done in three different ways:

1. Either via our web pages www.naringsetaten.no,

2. by sending an email to servicekontoret@nae.oslo.kommune.no or via telephone (+47) 23 46 01 10.

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