Hvernig á að koma á fót fyrirtæki í Noregi - ókeypis námskeið



Ókeypis námskeið á vegum Oslo kommune, þar sem undirstöðu atriði í fyrirtækjarekstri í Noregi verða kennd og kynnt.
The Agency for Business Development Services (Næringsetaten) of the City of Oslo  will  arrange their free introductory courses in English language on how to start a company in Norway  on the folllowing dates the first half of 2012.  
 * 24 January  * 6 March  *  8 May 
The course which has proven to be very popular provides an introduction to the most important aspects of setting up business in Norway.  For subjects covered please see the attached information leaflet.  
We would be very grateful if you please could help us to distribute the information about this practical start-up course to the contacts of your embassy,  either by hanging up the enclosed information on the Notice Board of your Reception area or/and by  spreading the information via your embassy's web pages  or other web pages / Facebook pages relevant  to potential business start-ups of your nationality.
For more information / direct link to registration page, please visit: http://www.naringsetaten.oslo.kommune.no/etablering_av_egen_bedrift/etablererkurs_pa_engelsk/




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