Passport application

Please note that all applicants have to submit applications in person at the Embassy.
Passports are issued in Iceland and the estimated delivering time is 18 workingdays.

The office is open Monday-Friday 10:00-15:00. Applicants can apply for passport at the embassy by agreement only when the office is open. 

Applicants must book appointments in advance

Payment can be paid at the Embassy with norwegian bank card (not kreditcard),

by cash or by bank transfer to Nordea Bank 6074.06.32704


Embassy of Iceland

Stortingsgata 30,
0244 Oslo

tel. 2323 7530

Further information regarding requirements for issuing icelandic passports (Icelandic nationalities only): Icelandic version / English version.

Lost or stolen passport

When you receive your passport it is advisable to make a photocopy of the first page or take note of your passport details. This information should be kept somewhere safe, and away from your passport in case it is lost or stolen.

If your passport is stolen in Norway or abroad, you should immediately report the loss to the nearest police station. You also need to report a loss of your passport to the issuing authority. The Icelandic Embassy in Norway can help you either by issuing a new passport or a temporary travel document.

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