The Story of Dimmalimm published in Japan

Zuiunsya Co. Ltd. will publish the book on the occation of 50th years anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iceland and Japan on December 8th. Akiko Haji translated the story from Icelandic.

The Story of Dimmalimm was written and illustrated by Muggur (Gudmund Thorsteinsson), the painter, in 1921.  At that time Muggur was travelling around Italy where Gudrun, his sister, lived with her husband and their young daughter, Helga, in Pagli.  Muggur wrote the story for his niece Helga but her nickname was Dimmalimm.

Earlier this summer the Story of Dimmalimm was published for the 10th time in Iceland.  It has been published in many countries and  compositions and plays have been written from the story.


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