PBC Releases the Japanese Version of LS Retail for Fashion

Pacific Business Consulting Inc (Tennoz First Tower 15F, 2-2-4 Higashi Shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Japan, www.pbc.co.jp, hereafter: PBC) and Landsteinar Strengur (headquarters in Iceland, www.lsretail.com, hereafter: Landsteinar) has officially announced the release of the Japanese version of LS Retail (version 4.2), an ERP integrated management solution for the Japanese retail companies.

LS Retail solution is based and integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), the leading ERP system from Microsoft. LS Retail is an end-to-end retail management system that covers everything from POS to back office and head office. LS Retail has been sold to 130 countries, translated into 33 languages and is distributed through a partner network including more than 75 Certified partners in 51 countries. LS Retail is used by more than 13 000 stores operating about 32 000 POS terminals worldwide. Among many satisfied users of these solutions are: Adidas, IKEA, Levi Strauss & Co Europe, Elle, Magasin Department store, MIT Italy, Pizza Hut Belgium, Puma Bulgaria, Booths supermarkets, Alliance Pharmacy.

PBC is the first sales and implementation consulting partner for LS Retail in Japan. Established in 1993, PBC has sold and implemented around 8000 POS for retail companies as well as made achievements in implementing of ERP systems. Based on this experience, LS Retail is an appealing solution. Employing bilingual IT implementation consultants, PBC & LS Retail firstly targets foreign apparel retail enterprises in Japan.

Until now many apparel companies have been facing the difficulties of using separate information systems for the office and shops. Many ERP vendors are offering ERP and POS integration function, but still separate POS implementation was necessary. LS Retail provides unified POS and ERP administration. Also, it has a very unique feature to design POS menu screens. Furthermore, the Japanese version of LS Retail includes additional supports for department stores and Yu Pack that are specific features in Japan. This offers the usability that can compete enough with the existing domestic products.

Features of LS Retail
 Unified management on one platform between POS register/PC POS at stores and HQ
 The world’s first ERP solution for supporting industries with the integrated management from in-store operation to core operation of HQ
 Support for wide range of business categories from single store to chain
 Standard tool of sales analysis to meet the needs of an administrator in HQ
 POS can be operated offline. It enables you to continue the in-store operation without any impact from online disturbance
 POS supports touch-screens as well as keyboards. This realizes business efficiency with further usability and less input errors
 POS Menu Screen Designer
 All Standard features of ERP solution from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
 Additional supports for Japanese-specific features, such as department stores Yu Pack (PBC)

About Pacific Business Consulting, Inc.
Pacific Business Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1993. Its core business consists of ERP solutions, IT consulting services for business process optimization and POS solutions. PBC's strength is support by bilingual consultants for foreign enterprises and Japanese enterprises with overseas deployment. More information on www.pbc.co.jp

About Landsteinar Strengur
Landsteinar Strengur is developer of LS Retail, a management solution for retail, hospitality and service industries as well as recognized vendor of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Its customers include Adidas, IKEA, Levi Strauss & Co Europe, Elle, Magasin Department store, MIT Italy, Pizza Hut Belgium, Puma Bulgaria, Booths supermarkets, Alliance Pharmacy, and Best Denki. More information on www.lsretail.com

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