MÚM and Skakkamanage to perform in Japan in January

The Icelandic bands múm and Skakkamanage will visit Japan this month and perform in Osaka and Tokyo.

Skakkamanage, which will be visiting Japan for the first time will be warming up before múm hits the stage, first in Osaka on January 15 and then in Tokyo on January 16. The concert in Osaka will start at 18:00 at Club Quattro, in Shinsaibasi and the Tokyo concert at 19:00 at duo Music Exchange in Tokyo. For those interested please visit the websites  http://club-quattro.com/ and www.duomusicexchange.com.

The third concert by Skakkamanage will be on January 20 at Shibuya-O at 19:00, for more information see http://www.shibuya-o.com/ and www.myspace.com/skakkamanage.

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