Travelling to Iceland

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industry in Iceland. Although the number is not high, about 400.000 tourists visit Iceland every year, and that is more than the population of Iceland which now stands at 300.000 people. What is particularily pleasant for us here is that over 6.000 Japanese visited Iceland last year, up from 3.000 three years ago.

Iceland and Japan are world apart in the geographical sense. But the interesting mixture of similarities and contrasts between Iceland and Japan should make Iceland especially interesting to Japanese people. Iceland is a volcanic country like Japan with alot of hot springs and abundance of seafood, perhaps explaining the longevity both nations enjoy. However, unlike Japan, Iceland is sparsely populated country and its natural landscape has hardly been touched by human activity.

In some places in Iceland the elements of ice and fire meet in one place, with hotsprings in the middle of huge glacier; the water from them forming rivers flowing from below the glaciers.

In the summer time we have brightnights with the sun shining well into the night, but what is even more exciting and is our secret weapon, are the long cool winter nights where one can witness the awesome northern lights dancing in the dark sky. You can rest assured that Iceland is not as cold as the name of the country implies. Even Tokyo can be colder than Reykjavik in January.

There are few places in the world were the nature is as accessible as in Iceland, and that goes also for the aurora borealis, because you can experience Iceland's unique nature in the close vicinity of our capital, Reykjavik. When it is combined with Iceland's own onzen culture, albeit very different for that of Japan, which you can experience in it's pure natural settings like the Blue Lagoon or in the numerous outdoor swimming pools you are in for a very different and wholesome expericence.

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