Inauguration of the Embassy of Iceland in New Delhi

The new Embassy of Iceland to India was formally inaugurated by Ms. Thorgerdur Katrin Gunnarsdottir, Minister for Education, Culture, at 16:30 hours on Sunday 26 February 2006. The chancery premises are at 11 Aurangzeb Rd., 110 001 New Delhi.

In her speech, Minister Gunnarsdottir said:

"This truly is a good day for Indo-Icelandic relations and an important milestone in the strengthening of our two countries´ economic and political cooperation. This day has been in the making for quite some time. Leaders of both India and Iceland have in recent years articulated their willingness to strengthen the diplomatic relations between the two countries. Today’s opening is an important manifestation of that determination. Now, the task ahead is for us to transform this political will, expressed by both our countries, into a mutually beneficial economic and cultural collaboration."

Iceland and India established diplomatic relations in 1972. Hitherto, the Embassy of Iceland in London has been accredited to India. The Embassy of India in Oslo, Norway, is accredited to Iceland.

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