Finance Minister Chidambaram visits Iceland

During his visit, the Indian Minister met with the Prime Minister of Iceland, Mr. Geir H. Haarde, and attended a   luncheon organized by the Trade Council of Iceland with representatives of the Icelandic business community, especially from the financial   sector. The Minister also had extensive discussions with the Icelandic Minister of Finance.

Mr. Chidambaram expressed his satisfaction with Icelandic       investments in India, mentioning in   particular the pharmaceutical company Actavis, based in Bangalore and Chennai, and the custom-molding company Saeplast India, based in Ahmedabad.

The Minister encouraged Icelandic investors to consider further investment opportunities. Furthermore, the Finance Minister encouraged Indo-Icelandic cooperation in the area of renewable energy. He highlighted in particular investment opportunities in India's   fisheries sector, in light of India's vast coastline and rich marine resources. 

Mr. Chidambaram invited his colleague to visit India at his earliest convenience, for the signing of the Bilateral Treaty between Iceland and India on the Avoidance of Double Taxation. 


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