Like water like gold... Rósa Gísladóttir's exhibition in Rome

22/06 - 23/09/2012

Mercati di Traiano – Museo dei Fori Imperiali,
Via IV Novembre, 94, Rome

Like water like gold
Rósa Gísladóttir

Come l'acqua come l'oro

Type: Contemporary Art

A reflection on the contrast between the glories of the past and the consumerism of the present, with the outcomes and consequences in the future, this is the idea behind Rosa Gisladottir’s project. The Markets of Trajan are the ideal backdrop for her artworks made of plastic, Plexiglas, aluminium, water, ink, combining the legacy of the past and its finds with currently used materials.

These “primary objects” – as they are defined by the Icelandic artist – are elements quite common in everyday life that she recreates using more widely available materials at the moment, and particularly plastic.

The underlying question, almost a provocation, is what kind of legacy we will leave behind. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Embassy of Iceland in Italy.

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