Pétur Benediktsson was appointed Iceland's first Ambassador to Spain in 1949. Honorary consulates of Iceland opened in Barcelona & Sevilla 1950.


Foreign Trade and Investments

Fisheries play a key role between the two countries. Fisheries Minister Thorsteinn Palsson went to Spain in 1997 on an official visit as did his successor Arni Mathiesen in 1999. Samuel Juarez Casado, Secretary-General of Fisheries, went to Iceland on an official visit in November 1998.

Former Prime Minister David Oddsson presided the founding of the Spanish-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona in September 1997. For further information please contact Mrs. Sigríður Ásthildur Andersen.

Treaties Between the Countries:

1840 Abolition right to detract
1885 Ship measurements
1899 Extradition
1923 Trade
1929 Arbitration
1934 Trade
1949 Trade
1983 Travel Documents
2002 Avoidance double taxation

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