Le Choeur de Chambre Hljómeyki en concert à París et en concour à Tour

Islande: Poème de printemps

Hljomeyki, choeur islandais, dirigé par Magnus Ragnarsson. Accompagnement au violoncelle par Anna Tryggvadottir. Oeuvres de Runarsdottir, Eriksson, Atli Heimir, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff et autres.

Le 29 mai 2008 à 20h. Église Saint Jean, 147, rue de Grenelle (7e), M° La Tour Maubourg. Libre part.

Sólu fegri skært þú skín

Hljómeyki undir stjórn Magnúsar Ragnarssonar, Anna Tryggvadóttir selló. Verk eftir Hildigunni Rúnarsdóttur, Atla Heimi, Gunnar Eriksson, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff o.fl.

29. maí 2008 kl. 20:00. Église Saint Jean, 147, rue de Grenelle (7e), M° La Tour Maubourg. Frjáls aðgangseyrir.

The Chamber Choir Hljómeyki has been around since 1974. We vary in size, from 12 to 25 members, depending on what program we are doing. We have worked with various artists, usually do 1-2 gigs with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, sometimes recordings for movie tracks and varying other projects. Did a recording for Barry Adamson and Pan Sonic in 2001. Our main thing is performing new choral music, mainly but not exclusively Icelandic. We have done over 40 first performances of new pieces, mostly written for us. Noted composer Richard Rodney Bennett wrote a piece for a consortium of choirs, Hljómeyki being one of them.

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