Ferðafrásøgn í Norðurlandahúsinum


Ferðafrásøgn frá manningini á Auður


Hósdagin 1. aug kl.17.00
Í sambandi við, at Eyþór Eðvarðsson, Hálfdán Freyr Örnólfsson, Svanur Wilcox og Kjartan Jakob Hauksson hava róð frá Orknoyggjunum til Føroyar verður ferðafrásøgn við myndum í Norðurlandahúsinum.
Ókeypis atgongd


North Atlantic Row - Four guys on a rowing boat


Four Icelanders have rowed unsupported in a special ocean rowing boat across the North Atlantic. They started their expedition in Norway 17th May and rowed across the North Sea to Orkney. From there they rowed onward to Porkeri in the Faroe Islands and then to Tórshavn. Their final destination this year will be Iceland but this is of course dependent on favorable wind. By rowing unsupported across the Atlantic they will have a shot at a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Rowing unsupported means no engines, no sails, just pure muscle. Their route covers some of the most difficult seas in the North Atlantic and has never been rowed successfully before. 


Apart from this athletic achievement they also have also drawn attention to some interesting facts that connect Iceland to its neighboring countries in the North Atlantic, for example about the origin of the first settlers of Iceland. Not many Scots, Irish or Brits know that up to 63% of the women of Iceland and the Faroe Islands were likely of Celtic heritage. There’s also the fact that Icelanders wrote an important part of the history of these nations; the story of the Vikings, the Færeyinga saga, Orkney Saga and saga of the Norwegian Kings.


The crew will give a presentation on the row next Thursday at 17 in Norðurlandahúsið.


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