Historical overview

Iceland opened a Consulate General in the Fareos in 2007, following the conclusion of a comprehensive free trade agreement between the two nations, the Hoyvik Agreement, in 2006. Prior to that date, Iceland maintained an Honorary Consulate in Torshavn since 1947. Below is an overview of Iceland's Consuls.

2016-Present: Mr. Petur Thorsteinsson, Consul General. Mr. Thorsteinsson (b. 1955, BA, Cand.jur, LLM), previously served as Deputy Secretary-General of the European Free Trade Association, EFTA, Geneva 2001-06, Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington DC 1995-97 and Moscow 1987-90, Acting Consul General and Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of Iceland to the United Nations New York 1983-87. His wife is Ms. Birna Hreidarsdottir.

2012-16: Mr. Thordur Bjarni Gudjonsson, Consul General. Mr. Gudjonsson (b. 1956, Cand.oecon, MSc), previously served as Deputy Chief of Mission at NATO 2000-04 and at the Embassies in London 1995-2000 and Brussels 1987-91. He subsequently served as Consul General in Winnipeg from 2016. His wife is Ms. Jorunn Kristinsdottir.

2009-11: Mr. Albert Jonsson, Consul General. Mr. Jonsson (b. 1952, BA, MS) previously served as Ambassador in Washington DC 2006-09 and subsequently in Moscow 2011-16. His wife is Ms. Asa Baldvinsdottir.

2007-09: Mr. Eidur S. Gudnason, Consul General. Mr. Gudnason (b. 1939, d. 2017) was the first professional diplomat to serve in the Faroes. Previously he served as Minister of Environment and Nordic Cooperation 1991-93, Ambassador in Oslo 1993-98, Consul General in Winnipeg 2001-02 and Ambassadon in Beijing 2002-06. His was Ms. Eyglo Helga Haraldsdottir.

1985-2007: Mr. Poul Mohr, Honorary Consul. Mr. Mohr (b. 1929) was for many years director of a shipbuilding company in Torshavn, with strong business connections to Iceland. His wife is Ms. Anna Mohr.
1956-85: Mr. Trygvi Samuelsen, Honorary Consul. Mr. Samuelsen (b. 1907, d. 1985, Cand.jur) served as Iceland's Consul for almost 30 years. He was an attorney and an influential figure in politics in the Faroes. He served as Member of Parliament from 1943-46 for the Union Party and later without interruption from 1949-74, the last four years as party leader. He sat on the City Council of Torshavn 1936-64. Trygvi's home was bought by the City of Torshavn and is now used for official visits and as an art museum. The Icelandic Consulate's Coat of Arms shield is still kept there on display. See further here.

1947-56: Mr. Pall Olafsson, Honorary Consul. Mr. Olafsson (b. 1887, d. 1971) was Iceland's first Consul in the Faroes, appointed on 3 September 1947. Mr. Olafsson was born in Lund in Lundareykjadal, Iceland, on 30 August 1887. He was active in business and fishing, first in Iceland and later in Denmark. From Denmark he moved to the Faroes in 1939 and remained there until the end of the Second World War when he moved back to Denmark and later to Iceland. His commission letter hangs on the wall of the Consulate General in Torshavn, signed by President of Iceland Sveinn Bjornsson and Minister for Foreign Affairs Bjarni Benediktsson. The letter is a gift to the Consulate General from his daughter, Ms. Olof Palsdottir, sculptor. Pall’s wife was Ms. Hildur Stefansdottir. Among their children, in addition to Olof mentioned earlier, wife of Ambassador Sigurdur Bjarnson, was Ms. Ingibjorg Palsdottir, wife of Ambassador Petur Eggerz.

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