Nordic Food Diplomacy

New Nordic Food will show the world who we are in the Nordic Region

The Nordic Council of Ministers is launching a new web portal for embassies and export companies: Nordic Food Diplomacy The site shows how you profile your home country and the Nordic kitchen using New Nordic Food.

The Nordic Council of Ministers aims to strengthen the Nordic countries' international brand through culinary experiences. One way of doing this is to through a more conscious use of raw ingredients in the Nordic embassies and the Nordic companies around the world.
A new webportal is now being launched that will inspire people around the world to use the ideas behind New Nordic Food and create their own unique expression - wherever they are now - based on a Nordic tradition: Nordic Food Diplomacy

National is also Nordic
New Nordic Food is about simplicity and pure ingredients. It is about creating experiences and good food from local products, wherever you are in the world. About using the raw ingredients which are in season and adjust the flavours in a typical Nordic way. It's about ecology, sustainability and respect for nature and people.
Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian or Swedish, yes also Greenlandic, Faroese and Ålandic - all these cuisines are Nordic in each their own way and the new site shows how you can easily and creatively use your country's traditions in a new global cuisine: The new Nordic kitchen.
Make your own New Nordic food experience
The webportal contains all the tools you need to create a Nordic meal experience. It is not just about recipes, but also about specific instructions on how to create whole experiences.
The portal also contains links to video interviews, inspiration on how to design invitations and menus, table setting tips and check lists. There are also a number of downloads which present the Nordic kitchen and tips for how to use storytelling to create an atmosphere arouind the mealtime.
Chef competition: Win a trip to a New Nordic Food-country
Make a New Nordic Food event and win a week's stay in Skåne.
You will visit a number of restaurants, companies and institutions that work with Nordic food. You will get a thorough introduction to the principles behind New Nordic Food and learn more about how you can use them in your work.

 “The most important, however, is the history behind the meal - why you have chosen these dishes and what story you want to tell with the food.„

To win you must make a dining experience, where you use the ideas behind Nordic Food Diplomacy. You can make a video or a short description in works and pictures. You must also submit your recipes.
The meal must consist of a menu for four people representing the new Nordic kitchen based on the New Nordic Food Manifest. The most important thing, however, is the history behind the meal - why you have chosen these dishes and what story you want to tell with the food.
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