Statement of Iceland at the 27th Session of the Human Rights Council

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Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

Twenty-seventh session of the Human Rights Council
Geneva, 16 September 2014


Mr President,

We thank the Commission of Inquiry for the updated report and for their invaluable efforts to document the gross human rights violations committed in Syria. The scale of violence and destruction is beyond words. We urge for the implementation of the report's recommendations without delay - including referral to the ICC by the Security Council.

As stated in the report, children's rights are grossly violated on a daily basis in Syria, by Government forces and anti-government armed groups. Children have been killed, injured and maimed, and affected by displacement, loss of relatives and trauma. Children have been recruited as messengers, spies or guards, and even trained and used in active combat roles. No child should be deprived of its innocence, let alone in such a horrific and prolonged manner.

My Government strongly condemns all violations and abuses of children's rights - by all parties.  It is our common responsibility to ensure that this conflict will not result in a lost generation. We urge the Commission to continue reporting on this pressing topic.

Mr President,

We also urge the Commission to continue documenting cases of sexual and gender-based violence committed by all parties to the conflict. Perpetrators of these heinous crimes must be brought to justice.

We further wish to highlight Security Council resolution 1325 and subsequent resolutions that recognize the importance of women's participation in conflict resolution and building sustainable peace. The Commission's views and guidance on how to ensure the full and equal participation of women in any political solution to the Syrian conflict would be appreciated.


Thank you, Mr President.

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