29th Session of the Human Rights Council

During the 29th Session of the Human Rights Council, Mr. Thordur Sigtryggsson delivered a statement during an interactive dialogue with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women.

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Statement by

Mr. Thordur Sigtryggsson



Item 3: Interactive Dialogue: SR on Violence Against Women


Twenty-ninth session of the Human Rights Council

Geneva, 16 June 2015


Mr. President

Iceland warmly welcomes the report of Ms. Rashida Manjoo on Violence against Women. 

The sad reality is that violence against women continues to be widespread and systemic; it continues to violate the most basic human rights of women and girls in a disproportionate way in every corner of the world – including in my country.

To combat violence against women – and to advance our collective goal of eliminating it – our priority is to prevent violence from happening in the first place. This means focusing on prevention and education. This also means engaging all stakeholders in creative ways and challenging the way we think about current norms.

Iceland, for its part, has emphasized the importance of bringing men and boys into the conversation on gender equality. This January we partnered with Suriname and UN Women and its #HeforShe campaign to convene a ‘Barbershop’ conference at UN headquarters in New York, where men were encouraged to discuss gender equality, with a special focus on addressing violence against women. We aim to continue that dialogue and advocate for men to be part of the solution.


Mr. President

The Special Rapporteur makes recommendations to develop an internationally binding instrument on violence against women and girls within the United Nations system. The Special Rapporteur also states in her report that a preventative and educative framework could be established in such an instrument.

What would be the main features of such a framework and how would it reinforce or strengthen the work being done on a regional and state level?

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