28th Session of the Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council held its 28th regular session from 2 –27 March 2015 in Geneva. 

Iceland outlined a number of key thematic priorities during its general intervention during the High Level segment. Ambassador Martin Eyjolfsson underlined the importance of speaking out against human rights violations, including the growing incidence of discrimination and violence against LGBT persons taking place in many parts of the world. He also highlighted the importance of gender equality and Iceland’s contribution to bring men into the conversation during the Barber Shop Conference held in January 2015 in New York. 

A number of countries featured prominently on the agenda for grave human rights concerns. On Syria, Iceland supported a resolution condemning the appalling human rights and humanitarian situation and extending the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry. Iceland joined with the other Nordic countries to call on the Security Council to refer these documented atrocities to the International Criminal Court. 

On Ukraine, Iceland urged all stakeholders to abide by the Minsk Agreement and work towards an inclusive political process based on democratic values. Iceland also supported a Ukraine led cross-regional statement on behalf of 43 countries. 

To underscore support for the universality of human rights and the crucial role played by civil society, Iceland expressed concern and urged improvement in countries such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Iceland also condemned the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and urged Israel to cease all settlement activities in Palestinian territory.   

Finally, Iceland participated during an inter-active dialogue on foreign debt following a visit to the country by an Independent Expert in December 2014. 

Below you can see all statements and resolutions supported by Iceland during the 26th session. 


General Statement

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Item 4: Resolutions


  • Icelandic statement – General debate under item 4
  • Nordic statement by Denmark – ID with the CoI on the Syrian Arab Republic
  • EU statement – General debate under item 4
  • Joint Statement by EU – on South Sudan

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