Ræða Íslands um ástandið í Myanmar

Ísland flutti í dag ræðu í Mannréttindaráði Sameinuðu þjóðanna þar sem gravalvarleg mannréttindabrot í Myanmar voru gagnrýnd.
Tekið var fram að ástandinu verði að linna án tafar og að stjórnvöld í Myanmar geti ekki haldið áfram að afneita raunveruleikanum. Kallaði Ísland eftir því að stjórnvöld takist á við mannréttindabrot í landinu í samræmi við alþjóðlegar skuldbindingar sínar.


Statement by

Davíð Logi Sigurðsson


Item 4

Mr. President,

In 2015, my country, Iceland, provided three recommendations to Myanmar during their Universal Periodic Review. All concerned the Rohingya people, for at the time there had been reports of ongoing and growing instances of religious violence and failures to investigate attacks based on national, racial and religious hatred.

In March of this year, during HRC34, the situation had deteriorated, with the High Commissioner suggesting that the serious human rights violations in Rakhine State and the crackdown by security forces on the Rohingya Muslim minority might amount to crimes against humanity.

Again, we and others strongly urged the Government of Myanmar to address the situation in accordance with its international obligations. And yet, regrettably, today we are faced with an even worse situation, the High Commissioner going as far as to say that the situation seemed like „a textbook example of ethnic cleansing“.

Mr. President,

The situation in Myanmar cannot go on. It is simply unacceptable that people are being driven from their homes in such numbers. The burning of Rohingya villages and extrajudicial killings, including shooting fleeing civilians, must stop. The complete denial of reality by the Government of Myanmar must end.

Iceland again calls up on Myanmar to address the situation in accordance with its international obligations. We also repeat our call on this Council to establish a robust mechanism to investigate these serious violations in an independent, prompt and credible manner.  

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