Ræða Íslands á 33. reglubundnum fundi Mannréttaráðs Sameinuðu þjóðanna

Statement by Nína Björk Jónsdóttir

33rd session of the Human Rights Council

Item 4: General Debate

Geneva, 19 September 2016

Mr. President,

With one eye on the high level meeting taking place today in New York, we would particularly like to commend the High Commissioner´s courage in recently calling out public figures that on issues relating to migration and refugees offer only bigotry and alienation, through half-truths and oversimplification. It is an approach that leads to division confrontation and the erosion of respect for human rights.

We all need to speak out against populism, as well as extremism of any nature. We need to speak the truth and hold each other accountable when we fall short of promoting and protecting human rights.

Mr. President,

In the Philippines, the new President has demonstrated a disturbing disregard for the international human rights system; both with his statements but also more fundamentally with his policy of extra-judicial killings. We call on the Philippine Government to cooperate closely with the OHCHR and other relevant mechanisms to ensure that its policies are brought fully in line with human rights law.

Iceland remains urgently concerned by the human rights situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We condemn recent nuclear experiments and strongly urge the North Korean government to heed the call of the international community – including this Body - and focus their efforts instead on redressing documented and systemic human rights violations against its own people.

Iceland reiterates its concern regarding the systemic discrimination faced by women and girls in Saudi Arabia. We call yet again on the Saudi authorities to accelerate reforms and abolish the male guardianship system.

Finally, we express our deep concern over the on-going conflict in Yemen, and reports of numerous attacks on schools and hospitals by the Saudi led coalition, killing and maiming innocent children.

Thank you.


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