Ræða Íslands á 33. reglubundnum fundi Mannréttaráðs Sameinuðu þjóðanna

Statement by Mr. Davíð Logi Sigurðsson


33rd session of the Human Rights Council

Item 2: General Debate

Geneva, 14 September 2016

Mr. President,

Iceland would like to thank the High Commissioner for drawing our attention yesterday to the growing polarization of this body, and in particular the problems faced by his office when it comes to gaining access to investigate or gather information pertaining to allegations of human rights abuses.

The Icelandic Government finds the lack of cooperation shown by certain governments, as described by the High Commissioner yesterday, intolerable, and we call upon all states to act in line with the original purpose of this body.

Iceland will, for its part, lend our voice to those like the High Commissioner that speak out when States violate/disregard their human rights obligations, and work toward improvement wherever possible. We will also continue to engage fully with the OHCHR and other human rights mechanisms and urge other nations to do the same.


Mr. President

We would like to note the long record of Israel of refusing to cooperate with most of the mechanisms set up by this body relating to the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Access continues to be denied to instruments mandated by this body, representing therefore an attempt to resist and block human rights scrutiny where it absolutely must be maintained.

Iceland urges Turkey to uphold its high standard of constructive engagement with this Council and grant access to the south-east of the country for the comprehensive independent assessment suggested by OHCHR.

With respect to the aftermath of the recent attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government through violent means, an attempt we have condemned, we further call on Turkish authorities to ensure due process, the independence of the judiciary and respect for the rule of law in all actions they take in response.  


Finally, Mr. President,

The Government of Iceland reaffirms its full support to the work and independence of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and his office.

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