Update d. 18. april om vulkan udbrud i Island - Information på engelsk

Volcanic Eruption in Eyjafjallajökull News Release: 18. April 2010, 17:00                                                                                                    

As has been reported previously the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull has affected air traffic in northern Europe. Keflavík Icelandic International Airport has nevertheless been open since the beginning of the eruption. Flights to Norway were allowed today and passengers are encouraged to monitor arrivals and departures times on text TV and on the websites of Icelandair and Icelandic Express. In total 1000 passagers flew from Keflavík to Trondheim today. Domestic flights in Iceland have continued more or less uninterrupted. Domestic passengers are also encouraged to monitor domestic flights today on text TV.

The Icelandair website:

The Iceland Express website:

General information on the effect of the volcanic eruption on air traffic in the world can be found on the following website:



Information on airports that are now closed:



Ash fall forecasts are issued every six hours by the VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre) advisory in London and it is likely that flights to other Nordic countries will be allowed tomorrow.

Here is the most recent forecast: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/aviation/vaac/data/VAG_1271591498.png  

Here is the link to updates of the forecast:

http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/aviation/vaac/vaacuk_vag.html. Instrument flights are not permitted in the area that has been marked off as a danger zone because of the ash.


Real time radar image of air traffic around the world:

Overview of closures in Europe and news from Eurocontrol:

Satellite pictures from NASA:


Volcanic plume and development of eruption
Volcanic activity has decreased today compared to recent days. The plume does not rise as high, the volcano emits less ash, and not much ash fall has been reported. The plume is over both Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull but the ash does not reach inhabited areas.

Necessary activity as normal
All infrastructure and vital services have functioned normally today. There have been no disturbances in the distribution of electricity and drinking water is unaffected. No shortage of necessities has been reported.

Specialists in Skógarhlíð and in Hvolsvöllur
From tomorrow specialist from the Icelandic Meteorological Office will be available for interview every morning between 8 and 9 at the information centre of the National Emergency Coordination Centre in Skógarhlíð, and at the media centre in Hvolsvöllur. Tomorrow morning Kristín Waagfjörð and Sigrún Karlsdóttir will be in Skógarhlíð while Halldór Björnsson and Einar Kjartansson will be in Hvolsvöllur. There has been considerable traffic at the media centre in Hvolsvöllur today.

Ash fall forecast
Information from the Icelandic Meterological Office: The wind will blow from the west tonight and ash fall is likely in Mýrdalur, Mýrdalssandur, Skaftártungur and Meðalland. The wind will blow from the north tonight and tomorrow, and there is a risk of ash fall from eastern Eyjafjöll. Ash may even fall west of Vestmannaeyjar Islands.

Community meetings
According to information from the Icelandic Red Cross community meetings will be held at 4-6 locations tomorrow. At these meetings local inhabitants will be informed about the situation. The community meeting in Heimaland today was successful.


Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

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