Ragga Gröndal Icelandic Folk Ensemble deltager i WOMEX fredag den 29. oktober (text på engelsk)

Nordic Club (Studio 4) – DR Koncerthuset kl. 21:30-22:15

Still in her twenties, Ragnheiður Gröndal, also known as Ragga, has already released six albums, all bravely exploring the varied influences with which she grew up.

She admits she’s probably confused a lot of people by her constant searching but her proclaimed vision of finding a sound that embraces her roots in Icelandic folk music as well as her childhood passions for jazz, pop, piano playing and the expressive possibilities of the human voice, has taken a significant step forward with her project, the Icelandic Folk Ensemble. Here, the focus is on rearranging Icelandic folklore with special emphasis on the rhythmic elements in the music, with percussion, guitar, clarinet and her own interpretation of the often dark and melancholic lyrics and melodies, mixed with other influences from Irish, Bulgarian and Scandinavian folkmusic.


Ragga Gröndal vocals, piano, live electronics

Haukur Gröndal clarinets, flutes

Birgir Baldursson drums, percussion

GP guitars


WOMEX is the world’s biggest world music event, hosting a trade fair with over 3,000 delegates from the entire globe and a fantastic showcase programme in DR’s Koncerthus – over 300 musicians from over 40 countries on 5 stages under one roof.


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