Páll Sólnes opens an exhibition at the Icelandic Embassy

Páll Sólnes opens an exhibiton at the Icelandic Embassy, Thursday February 11 at 16:00.

Páll Sólnes is born in Akureyri, Northern Iceland. He soon moved to Denmark to study litterature and art and is currently living with his wife in Sweden.

Erik Rynell, senior lecturer Lund University has said this about the artwork of Páll Sólnes:

" It is easy to see Páll Sólnes' pictures as landscapes . A landscape is not just a matter of geography, nor is it necessarily a specific place. It can also be an inner world and the traces of previous impressions. Colour has a life of its own and the ability to bring things to life, its own creative power that causes new connections to arise. The relationship between the colour and the landscape in Páll Sólnes' works is not a depictive one. Rather, he occupies the border between the landscape and the spatial possibilities that arise out of the colours´own dynamics. We can also see his paintings as compositions in colour, interspersed with associations with nature and tha landscape. We sense the presence of skies -, water, hills, fields and vegetation, but the pictures never cross the line to actually depicting anything specific. "

More information about the artist via : www.pallsolnes.com

The Exhibion will open be until May 11 2016.


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