Review of a Position - Ausstellung mit Arbeiten von Erla Haraldsdóttir

When travelling far away from their Icelandic and Swedish homes, it became clear to the artists how greatly the familiar picture of Northern European towns differs, for example, from that of Berlin-Kreuzberg or San Francisco. The Scandinavian or Icelandic absence of people, tidiness and cleanliness can hardly be found at all in foreign countries further south. But it is possible to combine the two in art. And so, using digital methods, they imported the garbage and graffiti of their new surroundings to views of the small Norwegian town of Moss, for example. At first glance, one does not notice this at all, but the scenario appears peculiar to someone who knows the Scandinavian mentality and places. This artificial combination of realities, however, still does not create a true symbiosis. On the contrary, it reveals the huge gaps that may lie between different cultures and the difficulty involved in bringing them together. Here the changes are also implied that may be faced by regions as yet apparently untouched by the disadvantages of civilisation. Bo Melin lives in Sweden and Erla Haraldsdóttir (born 1967 in Reykjavik, Iceland, lives in Berlin and Reykjavik) studied art at the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg. In 2005/2006 she had a stipend in conjunction with the international studio program in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien and lives in Berlin since them.

Veranstaltungsort und -zeit: MKgalerie, Kochstr. 60, 10969 Berlin, bis zum 17.05.2008, Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag-Samstag, 11:00 - 18:00 Uhr.

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