Ausstellungseröffnung von Katrin Fridriks am 28. April in Berlin

"Katrin Fridriks, born in Reykjavík, is a conceptual painter living and working in Paris. Having spent many years in several countries, on different continents gave her a certain open-mindedness and cultural wealth which can be felt on the canvas: a clever mix of the wilderness of her native Iceland, abstract expressionism, minimalism - spearhead of the Bauhaus -, a combination of calligraphic work, tribute to the expertise of the Far East, graffiti, a controlled and thorough pop culture colorimetric. Creating new perspectives, her work brings an innovative dimension to abstraction."

Ausstellungseröffnung am 28. April um 19 Uhr.

Ausstellunsgort: Circleculture Gallery, Gipsstr. 11, 10119 Berlin.

Ausstellungsdauer: 29. April bis 29. Mai.

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