"Cities for youth" - Konferenz in Reykjavik am 19. und 20. März

"Cities for youth" - ist eine Konferenz die in Reykjavík am 19. und 20. März 2014 stattfinden wird: Substance use amongst Icelandic adolescents has become the lowest in Europe - Reykjavík City celebrates this success in March 2014. The results are beyond words!
How did Reykjavik City support adolescents in changing their behaviour towards alcohol, smoking and drugs?
How did Reykjavik City involve local communities? Who joined forces?
What actions where involved in building community cohesion and supporting youth?
Find out - in Reykjavik 19 - 20 March 2014 on how the City of Reykjavik developed prevention programmes and their use of evidence based data. Key-note speakers and workshops will inform us about the methods used to get us where we are today.
We invite you to a journey on how this positive change was brought about over a period of only 15 years.
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