Botschafter Gunnarsson in Serbien akkreditiert
Am 22. Juni hat Botschafter Gunnarsson dem Präsidenten der Republik Serbien, S.E. Boris Tadic, sein Beglaubigungsschreiben überreicht, das ihn als außerordentlichen und bevollmächtigten Botschafter von Island in der Republik Serbien mit Sitz in Berli...
Agent Fresco am 2. Juli im Festsaal Kreuzberg - Berlin
Am Samstag, dem 2. Juli, laden Nordic by Nature und der Karrera Klub zur vierten "I'm From Scandinavia" - monatliche Nordic Indie Pop Electro-Party in den Festsaal Kreuzberg ein. Diesmal mit den Figurines aus Dänemark und Agent Fresco aus Island.
Safe in Iceland
Iceland's President
Iceland is the world's most peaceful country according to the Global Peace Index 2011. There is minimum risk in almost all categories, including the one addressing the degree to which political instituions are sufficiently stable to support the needs...
Grímsvötn Eruption is Over
The Department of Civil Protection has abated emergency levels to normal. Volcanologist Steinunn Jakobsdóttir at the University of Iceland, told AFP News, that no volcanic activity has been detected since 28 May.
Volcanic activity significantly reduced
Activity in the volcanic eruption in Grimsvotn in southern Iceland is significantly reduced and the volcano is reduced to emitting mostly low steam, 100-200 meters. Small explosions can still be expected, according to information from the Icelandic M...
Eruption in Grimsvotn
A volcanic eruption began in the Grimsvotn underneath the Vatnajökull glacier in South-East Iceland on Saturday 21 May. Due to airborn ash concentration resulting from the eruption plume, aviation safety measures have been in effect and domestic and ...

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