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The Embassy represents Iceland vis-a-vis Germany, Croatia, Poland, Montenegro and Serbia. There are 10 Icelandic Honorary Consulates in Germany, 1 in Poland and 1 in Serbia.

Trade representative

Embassy in Berlin:

Ruth Bobrich
Tel.: (49) 30 5050 4150

Foreign Trade


The trade relations with Croatia are progressing, although the volume of trade is still at moderate level.


In recent decade Poland has become an important trade partner for Iceland in Eastern Europe, and is the key trading partner among the new member states of the EU. Polands share of Iceland's foreign trade is about 1%.



Embassy of Croatia to Iceland in Copenhagen

Honorary Consul of Croatia in Iceland


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Economy, Labour, Entrepreneurship

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport, Communication

Ministry for European Integration

Chamber of Commerce

Central Bureau of Statistics

Croatian Privatization Fund

Croatian National Tourism Board

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Embassy of Poland to Iceland

Consulate General of Poland in Reykjavik Iceland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Economy and Labour

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of the Treasury

General Veterinary Inspectorate

National Bank of Poland  

Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

Central Statistical Office

Customs Service

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development 

Polish Chamber of Commerce

Warsaw Stock Exchange

Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia

Polish Association of Fish Processors

Polish-Scandinavian Chamber of Commerce

Friendship Association

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Embassy of Serbia to Iceland

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