Sendiráðið kemur Latabæ í nýjársdagskrá Beijing TV













Chinese viewers of the 2014 Beijing TV Global Gala got to know the characters from Icelandic children‘s program Lazytown. The premiere was screened on 26 January but the Chinese New Year of the Horse will commence on 31 January of this year. BTV is the oldest TV channel in China and the Embassy facilitated Lazytown‘s place in the program. Previously, Visit Reykjavik had introduced BTV representeatives to the Lazytown studios in Iceland. Lazytown‘s contribution was specially designed for the program and included 30 local children. The New Years Program was approximately 3 hours in total and the premiere can be viewed on the following website by choosing the date of 26 January and choosing the second last item that started at 19:35 and is written 2014 followed by Chinese characters:


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