Visa for ADS group

In order to ensure quick and efficient visa processing you must prepare all necessary documentation before you submit the application package to the Embassy. Failing to submit all relevant documentation will result in unnecessary delays or refusal. Therefore, please do not approach the visa reception before you have collected all supporting documentation. Personal appearance is requested or accredited ADS courier

Document Checklist for ADS Tourism Schengen visa.

  • A name list of all the group members, with passport numbers and copies of ID cards and hukou (with English translation).
  • A detailed itinerary (in Icelandic or in English), including flight details for the round trip from China, names, addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers of the hotels to be used by the group during the tour with the dates of stay in each hotel, and details of how the group is to travel between locations during the tour.
  • Name of the tour leader. 
  • Name and contact details of the designated partner tour operator in Europe. 
  • Confirmation from the designated partner tour operator in Europe that accommodation and transport within Europe as specified in the group's itinerary will be provided to all members of the group;
  • For each member of the group: 1 duly completed Schengen visa application form, signed by each applicant, together with a recent photo (In colour, 3 x 4 cm (approx. 1.2 x 1.6 inch).  Facing forward, white background)
  • For each member of the group: Passport, valid at least 90 days after expiration of the visa, with a photocopy of the identity page. Must have at least 2 blank pages.
  • For each member of the group: Travel Medical Insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euro (300,000 CNY) for the effective stay in the Schengen area. 
  • For each member of the group: Proof of financial means Proof of financial means for the stay in Iceland. Bank statements from the last 3 to 6 months,no deposits.
  • For employes:
    -  Proof of the solvency of your (employer’s) company, if the company pays the costs of travel and living; or
    -  Proof of your personal solvency, in case personally covering the costs of travel and living
    -  Proof of solvency for employees:
    a sealed copy of the business licence of employing company
    a letter from the employer (in English, or in Chinese with English translation) on official company paper with stamp, signature, date and clearly mentioning:
    address, telephone and fax numbers of the company
    the name and position in the company of the countersigning officer
    the name of the applicant, position, salary and years of service
    approval for leave or absence
  • For minors (under 18):
    -Notary certificate of family relation or proof of guardianship
    needs to be legalized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs,
    one photocopy thereof. (legalized Certificate of family relation/ proof of guardianship must be translated into English)
    -Bank statement from parent(s)
    -Student card and original letter of the school(The original letter from the school must be translated into English)
    full address, telephone and fax number of the school
    permission for absence
    Name and function of the person giving permission.
    Minors travelling alone or with one parent:
    -Notary Certificate of permission to travel from either parents or legal guardian,one photocopy thereof.(when minor is travelling alone), or the parent or legal guardian not travelling (if minor is travelling with one parent)
    Notary Certificate of permission to travel needs to be legalized by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and when not in China, attested by the relevant authoritiesin the country of residence
    .one photocopy thereof.
    In case of divorced parents:
    Divorce certificate with proof of custody in original
  • For retired persons:
    - Proof of pension or other regular income
  • For unemployed adults:
    - If married: Letter of employment and income of the spouse + Notary certificate of marriage, legalised by MFA.
    - If single/divorced/widow/widower: Any other proof of regular income.
  • Proof (translated into English) of owning real estate property.
  • Documentation on former travels abroad; if relevant an old passport should be attached the application
  • Visa fee: EUR 60 in accordance with montlhy exchange rate.

Non-Chinese citizens are required to submit copy of valid Chinese residence permit.

If you fail to supply the necessary documents mentioned above, the decision-making process of your case may be delayed.
The Embassy may call you for additional documents or information if necessary.

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