The Icelandic Embassy in Beijing celebrates its ten years anniversary

On Friday January 21 ten years had passed since the Embassy of Iceland was opened in Beijing. It was then Iceland's first embassy in Asia. The first ambassador was Hjalmar W. Hannesson. Olafur Egilsson replaced him in 1998. Eidur Gudnason has been Iceland's ambassador in Beijing since January 2003. The anniversary was celebrated at the Ambassador 's residence where members of the CCP, several ministries and institutions that have connections with Iceland were invited. Former Chinese Ambassadors and diplomats to Iceland also attended the celebration.
During the anniversary year an Icelandic film festival is being planned in Beijing amongst other events, where Icelandic, feature films short movies and documentaries will be shown. The festival will be held in cooperation with the Chinese film bureau and the Icelandic Film Centre.

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