The Icelandic Business Forum Established

On Friday 8 June, the Icelandic Business Forum (IBF) was formally established in China. In addition to the Icelandic Embassy, the other founding members are 20 Icelandic companies, and that number reflects the growing presence by Icelandic business interests in China.IBF(HOP)

Glitnir bank was elected president of IBF´s first board. Others elected are Bakkavör (vice-president), Eimskip, Icelandair, Össur, Saeplast and the Icelandic Embassy. The Board also appointed Mr.Petur Yang Li, Trade Represenative of the Icelandic Embassy, as IBF Secretary General who is also a Board member.

IBF’s first event was to conduct a seminar on the Chinese business environment. Ambassador Gunnar Snorri Gunnarsson briefed members on current Free Trade Negotiations between Iceland and China. Counsellor Jóhann Jóhannsson, of the Embassy introduced procedures regarding visa matters, as the Embassy will soon begin to issues Schengen visas. Mr. Giorgio Magistrelli, former General Manager of the EU-China Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Nicholas Groffman of Mallesons Stephen Jaques Law Firm, and Mr. Wang Ronghua, former Ambassador of China to Iceland also addressed the seminar.

The founding members of the IBF are: Atlantis, Bakkavör, Blue Ice, CCP, Eimskip, Enex, Glitnir, Green Diamond, IceCo Ltd., Icelandair, iSupply Global Network Ltd., Lexus Enterprises, Medialite, Medicare Flaga (SASN), Nautulus Holdings, Össur, Phoenix Seafood, Saeplast, Samskip, Xenox and the Icelandic Embassy.

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